"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

Roundtable -Virtual Conferences

Welcome to the Future.

Standard "video conferencing" tools are no substitute for the real thing. Even less so if you are trying to emulate the look, feel and sound of a large scale live event.

The video is flawed, the audio terrible and who was that and what was he doing?? We've taken our considerable experience of real conferences, talked, drew, thought, slept and then started building. Roundtable builds on what you know and expect from live experiences and packages them into a virtual format. Better yet, it scales from small teams to large scale events with hundreds of simultaneous participants, and is completely brandable.

Our very first conference featured over 150 participants in 74 countries.

Roundtable, now in public beta, gives you back the interactivity, enthusiasm, fun and one-on-one meetings you expect at good physical conference. 

Come back soon for more information.

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