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Business Case

[To whom it may concern],

As you know, Windows 7 reaches end-of-life in 2020. You have asked me to present a business case that shows the comparitive advantages of a Linux vs Windows 10 migration: so after considerable research, we have determined that here at we have workstations that need migration, and from these, we will need to replace (%) of them.

The cost of this replacement hardware will be approximately .

The project will take about hours, which is man months.

Total Hardware Costs:

Total Labour Costs: @ /hour

Project Management:

Total Windows 10 Upgrade Project Cost: *

*this excludes third party software licensing costs and internal testing

I think that this may bring of benefits to the organisation .

However, if we migrate our existing systems to Linux, we will have a fully functional desktop at a fraction of this cost - as our existing systems are more than capable of running Linux. Using Snoopea from Required Magic, our costs will be:

Total Hardware Replacements: 0

Total Hardware Costs: 0

Consulting Charges (estimated):

Linux Licensing (estimated):

Snoopea Licensing:

Total Linux Migration Cost: *

Linux brings the following benefits: being lightweight, it is the ideal platform for the next generation of web based applications, and combines the benefits of open source (lower costs, efficiency and security) to our company, allowing us to invest in projects more important than the next version of Windows.

In addition the desktops are easier to support, easier to reuse and will operate faster using Linux. As our server estate is already moving to Linux and open source it makes sense that we follow suit on the desktop.

In a single migration we can transform our desktop systems into something that people actually enjoy using. Let me know what you think at

* estimated prices only. This document is not a quote or offer, and is based on broad assumptions for demonstration purposes only. Contact us if you wish to receive an accurate estimate.

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