"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke

Introducing Carpet from Required Magic.

Carpet (formally known as Snoopea) provides zero-touch, low bandwidth, schedulable and rapid OS migration abilities for the Enterprise. With HTML5 and Java applications now commonplace, the time has come to consider the replacement of Windows on the desktop with a affordable and manageable alternative: Linux. Not only does it have lower acquisiton costs, much lower support costs, but with Carpet it can be deployed onto the PC hardware you have in place already.


Control and upgrade thousands of systems simultaneously

Broad Compatiblity

Built for SUSE, Opensuse, Redhat, Fedora and Ubuntu Linux

Enterprise Ready

Active Directory / LDAP Integrated

Save 90% on ongoing support costs.

Work with your corporate applications and choose from an application catalog of more than 20,000 solutions,

including RDP and Citrix client software, our deployment and management platform is designed to support thousand of desktops.

Talk about transformation.

Capet allows your teams to run just the systems you want, the way you want them to run: on hardware that is already inplace, with the choice of free or supported versions of Linux - it's up to you. Run Citrix? Tick. Need RDP Support? Tick. With the majority of the next generation of applications being already authored for Linux, you'll be ahead of the game...

Run HTML5...

HTML5 allows secure, server based lightweight applications to run anywhere, with video, audio and animation support.


The Enterprise standard: Java. Built to run on any kind of hardware, Java is perfect for exploiting the power that your CPU provides locally.

...and NodeJS.

The new kid on the block, NodeJS builds lightweight, distributed applications, powered by the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world: npm.

But What About Windows?

The major complaint when it comes to replacing windows with Linux is the compatibility with Microsoft Office. However, compatibility has come a long way and has taken a great leap forward with the release of Office 365. Indeed, with Microsoft's willingness to support other platforms - such as OSX and Android (running Unix and Linux, respectively) - we are confident that in the near future Office will run natively on Linux desktops.


Being based on HTML5, the future of Microsoft Office - 365 "online", runs perfectly on Linux. We estimate 75% of Office users' requirements are satifisfied by this version, so if your business absolutely needs it: Office support is there. Or, if you are seeking alternatives to Office, there is always Libre Office, and Kopano.

Of course, if you have desktop applications written in Microsoft's own .Net platform - you are not forgotten. Microsoft open sourced .Net to facilitate the migration of applications to platforms such as Linux and Mac. This means that the porting is easier than you think - and the effort will result in lower support costs.

Required Magic. We make the tools to transform your desktop.

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