"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke


Our mission is to advance the state of desktop computing.

What we do

  • We build the tools that enable and drive the mass adoption of desktop Linux in the enterprise.

Why we do it

  • to drive innovation
  • to increase computer security
  • to lower the cost of doing business
  • to encourage reuse of hardware

How we do it

  • By tightly integrating your enterprise directory software with our cloud software we can deploy your Linux desktop anywhere, onto almost any system.

Why Linux

  • Linux is simply the fastest growing, most dynamic operating system on the planet. The internet as we know it today would not work without it; banks and telcos depend on it; security experts recommend it. We think you can trust it to run your desktop applications.

Why Open source

  • Open source has gone from being a curiousity to mainstream in about 25 years - and in that time world has become dependent upon it - because it is open source, it is inherently more trustworthy than the alternative.  

Is it for Us?

  • if your organisation wants lower ongoing costs, re-use existing (perfectly good) hardware, and have a faster, more flexible operation, then yes.

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